Japanese Good Luck Serie

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Figurine Japanese Good Luck series

Sonny Angel figurine from the Japanese Good Luck series, individually packed in a “blind box”.

The Japanese Good Luck Series is back with 4 new Lucky Figures!

Sonny Angel wears traditional Japanese charms and motifs in this series to bring you healing and happiness. The figurines include various lucky charms popular in Japanese culture. This series features 6 kinds + secrets + 4 new Lucky Figures: Love, Good Luck, Victory & Great Blessing. The packaging for this series is inspired by Mizuhiki, decorations traditionally used for celebrations in Japan, created from twisted and stiff rice paper. The background is adorned with auspicious pine, bamboo, and plum designs.

Each Sonny Angel figurine in this series is packaged in a "blind box," adding an element of surprise. You won't know which one you'll get until you open the package, making collecting these Sonny Angels fun and exciting!

Occasionally, luck may smile upon you, and you might uncover a rare secret figurine.