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Figurine Cat Life series

Sonny Angel figurine from the Cat Life series, individually packed in a “blind box”.

Step into the enchanting world of Sonny Angel as he transforms into a lovable feline friend! With their gentle gaze and comforting presence, cats perfectly complement Sonny Angel's charm, providing a soothing escape from daily fatigue. These adorable cats not only bring joy to our lives but also add meaning and purpose to our everyday routines. Alongside the anticipated secret figures, this series introduces special "lucky figures" for an added element of surprise. Immerse yourself in the delightful feline realm with 14 different Sonny Angels dressed in adorable cat costumes.

From playful cats engrossed in their antics to mischievous ones and those savoring their meals, cats display a wide range of expressions that bring us comfort and joy. By arranging these figures in your room, you can create a cheerful space capturing the whimsy of adorable cats at play.

With their diverse colors, sizes, and personalities, cats possess a unique charm that transcends coat shades and patterns. No matter their appearance, they are all undeniably lovable. Each figure is designed in natural colors, seamlessly blending with any room decor, making them ideal as interior design accents.

This series comprises 9 different styles, 3 lucky figures, and 2 secret figures, totaling 14 captivating types. The anticipation of discovering which Sonny Angel awaits you in each package adds to the excitement and joy of collecting.

Each Sonny Angel figurine in this series is packaged in a "blind box," adding an element of surprise. You won't know which one you'll get until you open the package, making collecting these Sonny Angels fun and exciting!