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Figurine Sonny Angel X Donna Wilson series

Sonny Angel figurine from the Sonny Angel X Donna Wilson series, individually packed in a “blind box”.

Introducing the Sonny Angel X Donna Wilson series, a delightful collaboration exclusively developed with acclaimed British designer Donna Wilson. Known for her playful designs in textiles and home decor, Donna Wilson's creations showcase handcrafted elements, vibrant colors, and imaginative patterns that infuse the world of design with joy and warmth. From soft toys and home accessories to textiles and furniture, her diverse range of products can be found in stores and galleries worldwide.

The Sonny Angel X Donna Wilson series presents 12 unique and playful figurines, making it a must-have for both dedicated Sonny Angel collectors and admirers of Donna Wilson's work. Occasionally, luck may smile upon you, and you might uncover a rare secret figurine!

Each Sonny Angel figurine in this series is packaged in a "blind box," adding an element of surprise. You won't know which one you'll get until you open the package, making collecting these Sonny Angels fun and exciting!


Figurine Donna Wilson Creatures series

Figurine from the Donna Wilson Creatures series, individually packed in a “blind box”.

Enter a playful world with Donna Wilson’s Creatures!

Renowned textile artist Donna Wilson, who previously collaborated with Sonny Angel in 2022 for the Sonny Angel X Donna Wilson series, has once again joined forces with us to bring you palm-sized figurines showcasing her beloved designs.

Discover six of the most popular Donna Wilson creatures beautifully captured in these figurines, with the added excitement of a chance to find secret variants!

Whether you choose to mix and match them, pair them up with your favorite Sonny Angel X Donna Wilson figurines, or display them individually, these charming minifigures are sure to add a touch of playfulness to any collection!